ROUNDTABLE: Is the immediate rematch between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard the correct move following their UFC 125 split draw? Hansen, Hyden, Hobaugh, Williams and Penick Is the immediate rematch between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard the correct move following their UFC 125 split draw? RICH HANSEN, MMATORCH COLUMNIST I'm a die-hard Pettis guy, but after 24 hours of feeling that Maynard needed to be behind Pettis in line for the next shot, I've reversed course (grudgingly) and have become convinced that the better option is to see an immediate rematch between Edgar and Maynard. To be honest, there are no bad choices here. Either you capitalize on the momentum that Pettis built up with his amazing performance against Ben Henderson, or you capitalize on the momentum that Maynard built up in the Edgar fight. Of course the flip-side is that someone's going to have to wait and feel screwed, and their momentum will stagnate as a result. But here's the (cynical) viewpoint that I haven't seen discussed anywhere in the aftermath of UFC 125? Before right now, when's the last time more than 42 people wanted to pay money to watch Gray Maynard fight? Hell, on free tv, when's the last time? Right now, at this very moment, Gray Maynard is marketable, but only against Frankie Edgar for the Lightweight Title. Anthony Pettis will remain hot, Gray Maynard will not. Make the Maynard fight. FRANK HYDEN, MMATORCH CONTRIBUTOR It's hard to argue against a rematch after a split draw. I only hope that they put the fight together as quickly as they can. This rematch needs to happen as soon as possible. They've both been training for the other anyhow, so the only concern should be when they're healthy enough to fight again. They also need to have the rematch as soon as possible to not leave Anthony Pettis hanging in the breeze for too long. ERIC HOBAUGH, MMATORCH SPECIALIST YES! Without a doubt, this is the right decision. The best way to capitalize on this amazing fight is to go with an immediate rematch. For me, this is one of my favorite all time fights. The rematch should be an amazing fight as well. The immediate rematch is what is best for Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard, the UFC and the sport. When I heard the initial reports that there would not be a rematch I was disappointed to say the least. The Anthony Pettis fight did not make any sense because of the draw. I am surprised that Dana White and Joe Silva made the correct decision and made it reasonably quickly. I can not wait for the rematch. ALEX WILLIAMS, MMATORCH CONTRIBUTOR Yes. I'm looking forward to Anthony Pettis receiving his title shot, but it wouldn't be fair to Gray Maynard to have anything but an immediate rematch between Maynard and Frankie Edgar. JAMIE PENICK, MMATORCH EDITOR-IN-CHIEF For as much as I was looking forward to a potential Anthony Pettis vs. Frankie Edgar fight, the rematch is absolutely the way to go. Maynard nearly had Edgar finished off in the first round, and plain and simple he didn't LOSE the fight. He...


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